Dr Fleming teaching in St. Kitts

Greetings from St Kitts! As many of you know, I have been here seven weeks now (two to go) working at Ross Veterinary University as an assistant professor in surgery. We’re helping last semester students with their first surgeries, dog spays for the most part.

Helping in surgery

A lot of it is also computer paperwork evaluating their clinical skills in history taking, diagnosis, problem solving, and record keeping. I’m also seeing regular cases on Tuesdays and helping teach acupuncture. This coming Tuesday I will be presenting a PowerPoint presentation to interested students at a noon seminar entitled Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Care, More Options For the Treatment of Pain. Scrambling to get that done this weekend.
I’ve also been taking some time to enjoy island life. Spending some time at the beaches, exploring the island, taking a lot of pictures and getting PADI certified for scuba diving.

Living in Frigate Bay

My wife spent a nice 10 days here as well. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. But I miss my home, my family and my work family. As nice a break as this has been, I’m looking forward to getting back to Minnesota. Sara and the rest of the PHPH staff have done an exceptional job while I’ve been gone. I couldn’t do this without such a good staff at the clinic. I’m a lucky guy. And I really love our new website. Watch for more changes coming there in the near future. We will continue to provide good information and current clinic news through this blog so stay tuned here as well!

Cheers from St. Kitts!

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