Digital X Ray

We have converted to digital radiography to

improve the quality of our x-rays and our
diagnostic capabilities. Digital radiography offers several advantages over traditional film-based radiography, including improved imaging latitude, fewer retakes, faster image results (less time on the table for your pet), access

to teleradiology, and improved patient care through better image quality.

The difference between conventional and digital x-rays is amazing. Digital films allow us to vary the contrast of the film and blow up questionable areas for better viewing. It also allows us to send a copy of your pet’s x-ray home with you on CD to share with family or get a second opinion if you wish.

Teleradiology, which is the ability to send these digital files via the internet, has decreased the time and distance barriers that previously hampered referring radiographs for a second opinion. In the past, mailing films to a radiologist meant a radiograph report turnaround of a few days. With teleradiology, report turnaround can be done in hours and even minutes if necessary.


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